Saturday, April 4, 2009

Is Mud Wrestling A Sport?

After conducting some cursory research, I am led to believe that mud wrestling is not an actual sport. It appears that mud wrestling is mostly limited to fraternity houses, bars, hillbilly backyards, outdoor rock concerts, and occasional fishing trips gone bad.

I have been unable to locate any form of regulated mud wrestling organizations, tournaments, or associations.

My research found that approximately 99 percent of all mud wrestling is basically performed by scantily clad females with male audiences.

On someone asked where they could buy mud wrestling mud. One answer appeared to be somewhat credible. It included a statement that said “The average pit will take about 20 cubic feet [of mud].” It sounds like a bit of science has developed on the mud wrestling front.

I was quickly discouraged by the second entry which read: “Have you tried the mud wrestling store?”

The New York Times even ran an article about mud wrestling which, to my disgust, was about political mud slinging, not bent arm bars or cross-collar chokes in mudpits.

Unless anyone can provide me any valid and substantiated information, I am forced to assert that mud wrestling is NOT an actual sport.

article from The Bleacher Report

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