Monday, September 13, 2010

Endlessly Into the Valley

When the shoulders rolled forward in the seething cold of night, a spine spat its spikes into place like switchblades. It was the glint of the moonlight across the blades as they swam the earth. A reptile of unknown origin. A reptilian escalation of the reality they chose. They were a people making decisions...completely unaware of the severity of the consequences.

They never saw it coming. They smelled the cigarettes and beer of a thousand prior evenings and nestled into the filth of their rotting, laughing carpets. They invited a death they did not understand. They sought a glory that did not exist. Once they learned exactly what they were thinking, they were on the other side of the wall. Nowhere to climb. Nowhere to retreat. Nowhere.

Theirs was merely spasm.

Theirs were merely swollen joints.

Tear the hair from the flesh. Shaking head. It still does not breed an infinite spirit.

The blood pools and dries and flecks and blows away in the hot wind of the desert. There is no sign of you.

And then there was the whisper--

I am not afraid of you with all of your locust. Your are a foreign, untouchable language.

I am not inside your cold, dead hands that spasm when the sun pours a warmth upon you. There is the righteous laughter when all of you make your decrees. Your prophecy is a petroleum iceland...churning, restless agonies.

And in one turn we are emitted into the endless awe of dawn, the brilliant warm dawn.

There is nothing in your ocean that can smother our breath because our bodies are beyond the molecule. We are the curious, head-canted. You chose this agony. You removed the leash. Now you are torn, limb from limb. Do you dare to ask us why?

Let the dawn come. Let the brilliant dawn of God pour through the walls of these corridors until the walls slide away. We are the wheat. You are the tares. While you gut yourself we are resting in brilliant afternoon beds where curtains tickle our foreheads with breezes fragranced by flower. We will feast again. It is our birthright. You will be constantly searching for the enemy that lingers in the voice you obey. This is the voice that sends you endlessly into the valley.

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