Sunday, January 23, 2011

I'm Not Interested In Getting My Socks Knocked Off

I don’t want my socks knocked off. I don’t know why someone would want their socks knocked off in the first place. I put my socks on for a reason. If I wanted them off, I would take them off. I would probably do it gently. I would not knock them off.

Usually when I am wearing my socks, I am wearing footwear like boots or shoes. If my socks get knocked off, they either have to knock off my shoes too or get crammed into a corner of the shoe while I am still wearing it, which sounds like NO FUN.

The question I have is “Why do you want to knock my socks off?” They’re my socks. Stop trying to knock them off. Stop it.

If you try and knock my socks off, you might get your block knocked off. Period.

Knock off your own socks if you want to knock off some socks so bad.

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