Friday, May 20, 2011

Gino Martino's Head Butt Challenge Hunts for a Real Contender

I am very excited to present to my readers and fans a very important athletic contest. It is called the Headbutt Challenge. When you go to the website, half of the categories don’t work, but the ones that do work provide some exciting information about the Head Butt Champion named Gino Martino.

Gino Martino is “part martial artist, part dare devil, and part wrestler.” His website reports he owns the world record for “breaking a huge stack of 15 flaming bricks” with his head. Martino evidently won the Chinese Martian Arts Association Iron Skills Title in Long Island New York due to these skills.

Martino describes his multi-faceted talents:

“I'm far from being just a hardcore wrestler, I've held many single, tag team and hardcore titles. I am well rounded and can work any type of match. I prefer wild brawls and street fights but I am quite inept at straight wrestling and work anybody regardless of style. One of the last old school brawlers.”

I’m going to give Martino the benefit of the doubt and believe he meant he was the opposite of being an “inept” wrestler. I guess when your melon has taken the amount of trauma Martino’s has, you can’t worry about things like this.

The Head Butt Challenge consists of drawing a line between the two participants and flipping a coin to find out who gets to unleash the first heat butt. The recipient of the initial head butt gets 30 seconds to resume his original position at the line. The recipient can only touch the floor with the soles of his feet. If the other guy can get back to the line, it’s his turn to head butt the other guy.

Winning occurs when someone loses consciousness, the ref calls a TKO “on account of blood,” a contestant can’t go on, or a contestant can’t make it back to the line in the time frame. Five thousand bucks are at stake.

Eleven men have fallen to Martino’s “Iron Head Onslaught,” whether by knock out, technical knock out, or refusing the challenge when offered to them. These men came from across the globe to challenge Martino. They came from Japan, “Trailer Park,” Italy, New Hampshire, “Parts Unknown,” England, Hollywood, and “The Hood.”

The “merchandise” portion of the website is “under construction.” I think we can all agree Martino needs to put his head through his IT guy’s chest cavity. Until the merch section of the website is fixed, we can’t throw down some of our hard earned cash for a “skull slammer T-shirt” or the other possibly available T-shirt with Martino embedded in a flaming cinderblock.

Apparently, videos will be available soon. These videos list a number of exciting feats in incomplete sentences including:

“Like a human battering ram runs his head thru a huge slab of concrete”

“See 3 flaming bricks jack hammered off his head!”

“The bowling ball drop from 10 feet onto bricks on his head”

“Witness him drive his head thru a 150 lb of (sic) block ice suspended 5 feet in the air!”

“See Martino use his head as a hammer and pound 6 inch spikes into a thick board”

This isn’t garbage. The board isn’t thin. It’s thick.

Enough stalling. Go straight to the website yourself at

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