Friday, May 6, 2011

Welcome to the Man Cave

I stumbled on a website the other day which I enjoy about as much as It’s called The operators of this website define a Man Cave as “a dedicated area of a house, such as a basement, workshop, or garage, where a man can be alone or socialize with his friends.” The primary mission of the website is to “give cave dwellers a centralized location to display their Man Caves, share ideas, and find essential resources in one location.”

A one-time fee of $15 makes you an official member of The Man Cave Site. Notably, you get a certificate with an eagle on it when you join. Members can request a “Cave Dweller,” which is a statue of a frog. As far as I can tell, there are three different statues named Toed, Towd, and Tode.

Members are encouraged to photograph the frog on vacation, on local landmarks, and to fix him if he breaks. When finished, it is to be sent to other members for their photographic fun. A frog was selected for this honor because frogs are supposedly “one of the first cave dwellers known to man.” Each of the frogs has a photolog available to share their travels.

I can only imagine what Freud would have to say about John Bryant’s man cave ( I’m not sure if Jeff Wilson lives in the cave we are shown behind him or not, but his cave is inspiring when it comes to the military memorabilia on the wall ( Two members wore their official Man Cave jackets while in Iraq, surrounded by a sandbagged Man Cave (

Not to be missed is the Man-O-Vations section which celebrates innovations like a football shaped couch, various kinds of kegerators, and a heart-stopping turtle burger! There is also a section where you can nominate a favorite “habitat.” To earn the honor of becoming an official Man Cave habitat, a location (usually a restaurant) must “include comfortable or interesting surroundings and of course good food in BULK!”

This site is a must for dads who need a break, if not a virtual one, from the certain stresses they face every day.

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