Friday, August 19, 2011

Important Questions About Showering

Ten months ago, Evelyn C posed a question to the world on the internet. Evelyn C’s friend confessed to her he only showered about twice a week. She wanted to know if this was hygienic or not.

First she was “somewhat disgusted” her friend only showered twice a week. After her initial disgust she dug a little deeper and found out he “washes his face and shaves every day.” Not only that but he “changes his clothes every day and night and changes his underwear frequently.” Frequently was never quantified. Evelyn C was also told by this friend he brushes his teeth, wears deodorant, and showers after doing “any strenuous physical activity where he sweats.” This whole revelation blew up Evelyn C’s belief humans should shower daily because her friend “does not smell like a guy who only bathes semiweekly.”

The Nutty Chocolatier thinks North Americans are “obsessed with hygiene.” NC responded by telling Evelyn C that her friend is abnormal, not simply because he doesn’t shower very often but because he “keeps himself tidy” along the way. NC doesn’t think most people who “shower semiweekly” are as “well-kept” as Evelyn’s friend.

Brianna Denna believes Evelyn C’s friend needs to shower “4-14 times a week.” He needs to shower this much because “teenage years are the years when you start to smell and sweat a lot.” Denna wants to make sure Evelyn C’s friend doesn’t lose friends because he will “if he smells bad.”

Elle is a girl who showers every other day. She thinks boys need to shower more often than every 4 days.

Jenzz thinks Evelyn C’s friend is “pretty manky” for not showering every 4 days. I don't know what "manky" means, but I don't think it's a good thing.

Lastly, someone who named themself “A” thinks Evelyn C should smell her friend’s “arse” as a test.

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