Friday, August 19, 2011

Natural Ways to Take Care of Yourself

Chihuahua posed a question to the internet. She wanted to know some “natural ways” to take care of herself. She was thinking mainly about “creams, lotions, just nature itself.” She asked for a list of things she could do each day “to look and feel healthier in parts of my body.”

Sadly, only Nonnie 22 answered Chihuahua’s question. Nonnie 22 told Chihuahua “all of your body can be improved” by drinking lots of clear fluid every day. According to Nonnie 22 it doesn’t do any good to apply creams or lotions to the “outside of the body.” What Chichuahua needed was “six eight ounce glasses of water or other clear fluids every day.”

Nonnie 22 helped Chihuahua realize “water is good for my body.” Additionally, Chihuahua has “pretty bad” hair. She feels better knowing that water consumption will help this problem. Naturally. Because water is natural.

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