Saturday, August 20, 2011

Weirdness and Freaking Out

Akle Lyson discovered she works with a weirdo. She asked the internet for help in dealing with this weirdo. Lyson is in her early twenties. The weirdo is in his early thirties. She catches the weirdo looking at her a lot then turning away fast when she catches him.

“A lot of guys do this when they are checking out girls,” Lyson says. What bothers her is when the weirdo and his friends are all looking at her, weirdly. Adding another curveball to this baffling situation is a coworker who told Lyson the weirdo is a homosexual.

James from the internet cites age discrimination, although Lyson disputes this. She is more concerned about his weirdness, not the fact that the weirdo is over the age of thirty. Lyson, who admittedly gets “freaked out anything,” is clearly freaked out.

Georgia from the internet thinks the weirdo just wants to be friends. Yorkshire Lad thinks the weirdo is bisexual. Kayla L from the internet thinks Lyson is so hot she is “turning him [the weirdo] straight.” Kayla L adds Lyson should “go get him” but only if the weirdo is “hot.” Kayla L then laughed out loud.

A theory which I have developed in this matter is that Lyson herself is the weirdo. The alleged weirdo here is not weird at all. In fact, his reasons for watching Lyson are scanning for weirdness and enjoying the times when Lyson gets freaked out. This may explain why the alleged weirdo and all his friends are watching Lyson as well. I have no evidence of apparent hotness in either party, and sexual preference doesn’t appear to have anything to do with this. Mainly, this entire situation revolves around weirdness and freaking out.

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