Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Totally Insane Rash

Leanne8 reported she woke up a few days ago feeling sluggish. Her stomach was sore, and she was achy. She “basically slept for 18 hours straight.” She thought a spider bit her because she had a big mark on her shoulder. When she woke up May 10, 2007, she had tons of sores all over her scalp! These sores were painful “especially once the shampoo hits them.”

The morning of May 11, 2007, she found her body completely thrashed by a nasty rash. It was on her back, her chest, her stomach, and her face! A lump sprung out from behind her ear. Her other ear hurt but it didn’t have the same kind of lump. Not only this, but her mouth erupted into a city of canker sores. Sunuva _______.

She went to the emergency room because “this isn’t right at all.” The doctor thought the rash was a viral infection. Leanne8 was not happy with the doctor because her description of his response was “if you get a fever come back and see us and his XXX was out the door.” I think she X'ed out the word “ass” there but I’m not sure. She didn’t have time to ask the doctor her questions which were as follows:

“When will this go away?”

“Is there any way for me to treat this better?”

So Leanne8 decided to ask the internet instead.

Alagaesia, a female veteran, thought Leanne8 might have tried a new soap or detergent. Leanne8 hadn’t. Butrfligirl28 told her to take herself to the ER because "once an infection effects your skin, you are VERY sick.” Leanne8 reminded Butrfligirl28 that she already went to the ER. Her freakish condition “stumped” the ER doctor. Why go back?

Leanne8 added on the morning of May 13, 2007, her face became covered in “almost zit like looking bumps.” She slept all day. She proclaimed to the world, “It’s getting ridiculous now. If it’s not better by tomorrow I’m going again.”

I believe Leanne8 never made it to the hospital because this was her last entry. Shirley she would’ve logged back on should she have found a solution to her mystery illness and informed the internet about her improved status, right? But there were no further entries. Sadly, I believe Leanne8 exploded. If only she would’ve listened to Butrfligirl28. If only the ER doctor wasn’t so stumped by her. If only… We miss you Leanne8, wherever your soul may be.


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