Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Clear the Mechanism//In the Stillness

The only sound was my bare feet on the kitchen floor and the wind against the walls. As I sat in the stillness, I listened. The furnace began to hum gently in the basement as it warmed our home. The bare branches shed their leaves and were hardening against the cold, preparing for winter’s worst. The golden light of the lamps in the neighborhood interrupted the darkness like promises. They were faith, silencing fear and pouring peace into any mug that offered itself to it. If ice was to come then so be it.

Our children were curled inside their blankets. I was almost brought to tears at their beauty as they slept. I thought of the times when they came to me in the night and how this night and every night which ever marched the span of time I would kill and die to bless and protect them. These little brilliant souls in all the glory of heaven asked me questions about this earth. I gave them simple, wordless answers. I took their tiny hands in mine and walked alongside them. I kissed their faces and foreheads at every opportunity. I tucked them in. I held them as they cried. I bathed and clothed them. I hoped that someday they may have children of their own that they may understand how much I loved them.

I climbed into bed and warmed my feet under the fur of our dog which dreamed at the end of our bed. Her paws scampered in dreams of free running through fields of harvested corn. Moonlight painted the room an ethereal blue. I asked God to forgive me for ever offending him. I asked Him to save us, to heal us, to comfort us, and inspire us to accompany Him into the holy brilliance of heaven.

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