Friday, October 26, 2012

Ted Turner, Founder of CNN, is Excited about U.S. Troops Killing Themselves

Ted Turner, founder of CNN, said on air during Piers Morgan Tonight that he thinks it's "good" that U.S. soldiers are dying higher numbers by suicide than combat deaths. Turner appears to believe that in the last few hundred years human beings have evolved beyond the need for war and we all just need to "start acting enlightened."
Ted Turner, Founder of CNN, is excited about U.S. troops killing themselves

He appears to almost say that it's "terrific" that U.S. soldiers are killing themselves in record numbers.

Perhaps the U.S. Department of Defense could capture an Al Qaeda cell and drop them off in one of Turner's mansions so Turner could personally enlighten them. Jane Fonda, Turner's wife, could serve them tea and show them some exercise routines as long as she covered all her flesh except for her eyes. At minimum she could have some of the proletariat servants at the mansion serve the tea.



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