Tuesday, February 19, 2013

100,000 Dolphins

On February 14, 2013, a daily tour cruise sailed through waters just off the coast of San Diego. Around noon, the tour cruise found itself surrounded by a “super mega-pod” of dolphins. This mass of dolphins was “more than seven miles long and five miles wide.” Captain Joe Dutra followed the dolphins for an hour and described it as “truly beyond belief” and “truly spectacular.” He estimated that there must’ve been 100,000 dolphins in this mega-pod. It was the biggest group of dolphins he’d ever seen.
Marine mammal expert Sarah Wilkin reported dolphins “typically travel in groups of 200 or less” but “super-pods are not unheard of.” Wilkin suspected the reason for this massive sighting was the presence of large amounts of sardines, herring, and squid. Dolphins feed on these forms of marine life which may have drawn them to the area.
Photo by Antonio Ramirez

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