Sunday, May 5, 2013

They Were So Far in Space They Bumped their Heads on the Moon

Here's a short story by Mack Dreyfuss, Jr.


Mom, Grandma, and Catherine are on earth. They want to get to the moon, but they do not have a rocket. They go to NASA to see if they can get on a rocket. A person who works for NASA tells them “Sorry, there are no more rockets because everyone rented them.” Then they made an invention to suck up all the gravity so they would just float up to the moon. They floated up into the sky and went through the clouds. Birds flew all around them, and they were pigeons. One of them pooped on a cap. It was Momma’s cap. After that they were in space and it was so dark they couldn’t see a thing. So they got a flashlight out of their suits. Then they could see stuff, and they were so far in space they bumped their heads on the moon.

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