Saturday, September 28, 2013

Ross Luippold is Frustrated by Justin Bieber

Ross Luippold is frustrated by Justin Bieber. Luippold, of the Huffington Post, attempted to express his anti-Bieberism in his column on 9-26-13. Luippold appears very frustrated by the fact that Bieber gets the attention he does. Luippold equates Zach Galifianakis' interview of Bieber with a hard hitting 60 Minutes expose of a corrupt corporate CEO who ran his company into the ground while making zillions.

The frustration with Bieber has blinded Luippold to the fact that Bieber will make a million more dollars for even being seen on the same stage with Galifianakis no matter what occurs on that stage. In my opinion it is safe to say that Luippold has been owned by

Luippold goes on to distinguish himself with his own importance by discussing Tina Fey’s “nip slip” the next day.

Luippold’s column:

For those who are having similar struggles please refer to the Become Gorgeous Website for moral support and solidarity:

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