Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Bill's Two Cents

Me and Bill were at the diner this morning at 4am. He asked me to put his two cents about Obamacare on The Mack Dreyfuss Lounge. I told him no one reads my blog. Bill told me he didn’t care. He wanted his two cents about Obamacare recorded on the webbernet. I told him I would.

Bill says America is full of lazy a**holes who want everything for free without having to work. Congressmen and Congresswomen evidently want the same thing. There are no leaders in this country because the work which is available demeans people by not having meaning or a livable wage. Everything is bureaucratized to the point where everyone has to be a specialist in a given a field to the point they have no concept of the whole. Bill believes this is in effect not only in regard to their work but also peoples' sense of self. America has abandoned its own soul for comfort and convenience. That’s why teenagers who are “bored” go kill an Australian citizen on a jog through their neighborhood for no reason. That’s why schools are getting shot up by psychopaths, regularly. That’s why men don’t take any interest in their children and women don’t demand men of character to ally themselves with in any kind of lifelong commitment.  This makes it possible for Obama to give everyone healthcare by government programs. It sounds nice until they can’t figure out what the hell Obamacare actually is. A million people are gonna sign up and no one knows what it is or what it does, including the businesses who are supposed to provide these healthcare services and allegedly get reimbursed by the federal government for them. Republicans should know the reason that Obamacare exists is because the marketplace could not and/or would not provide the moral service attached to its businesses especially with regard to health insurance. Their pathetic pouting about Obamacare is a response based on petty cowardice which comes from possessing no better solution.

According to Bill, people do not work because they do not find moral satisfaction or a just wage in their paid activities. Men and women do not earn pride and respect by their work. Their work is not a career or a profession. It is an activity they have to do in between entertainments. They have nothing to teach their young other than entertainment which leads them to be abandoned to the television and all its shiny ridiculousness. America has become a colony of selfish whiners who are suffering the results of their own moral apathy.

Bill approves this message.

There you go, Bill. It’s on the webbernet.

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