Friday, December 20, 2013

Angry Birds

HUSBAND and WIFE are preparing to go to bed. The motion light in the backyard switches on. 

HUSBAND sets his toothbrush on the sink and walks to the window to see what triggered the light.

HUSBAND: (excited whispering) Come here! Check this out!

WIFE comes to the window.

A deer is nuzzling one of the bird feeders in the backyard which dangles from a vertical hook. Birdseed begins to pour out of the feeder. The deer nudges the base of the bird feeder until it falls off the hook and crashes on the ground. The cover pops off, and birdseed pours out into the snow.

HUSBAND: I’m glad we saw this.

WIFE: Yeah, it’s pretty cool.

HUSBAND: I mean, I’m glad we saw this because tomorrow morning I would’ve woke up and seen the bird feeder smashed all to pieces. If I didn’t know a deer did it, then I would’ve thought an enormous, angry, hungry bird may be out there waiting to attack me when I refilled the feeders.

WIFE: Good point.  

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