Friday, May 1, 2015

Man Who Punched Bear to Save his Dog Gets 2015 Mack Dreyfuss Awesome Human Being Award

Carl Moore punched a bear right in the face to save his dog outside his Placer County, Sacramento, home.

Carl Moore is 73 years old. He lives in Sacramento, California. He punched a bear in the nose to save his dog Lacy. Moore unleashed a “savage attack” on the bear when he found his dog Lacy whimpering at the sight of an attacking bear. Moore raised his hands and shouted at the bear: “Rrraaaaaa! Get out of here you b-----!”

Moore’s account of the events: “He come up like this, and turned, boom, I hit him hard.” Moore’s friend John Sargent confirmed the account. “Carl just smacks it. I couldn’t believe it.” Carl added “I ain’t run from nothing. I never have in my whole life, and I ain’t going to start now.” Carl was not going to sacrifice his “babies for some damn bear.”

Anyone who punches a menacing bear in the face to save his dog is automatically issued the Mack Dreyfuss Awesome Human Being Award for the year regardless of whether or not the year is over. Bears be aware. Carl Moore doesn't take no bear mess.


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